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 I have been a patient at Carolina Chiropractic for 3 years.  My husband and son have also been treated by the doctors at Carolina Chiropractic. Having this care has kept me pain free and able to work as an RN full-time at 70 years old.  I had back surgery 2 times in the 1970's and with regular chiropractic care ever since, I am able to avoid further surgery, be active and live a pain free life.

Joan C. 

 I am an 80 year old grandmother who is still interested and involved in the world of activity.  Chronic back pain began to limit me because I couldn't stand up straight and almost any movement reminded me that I was old and 'on the shelf.'  Carolina Chiropractic straightened me up and took me off of the shelf.  These doctors are caring, their office is organized and punctual with appointments, and best of all…their treatment is effective!

Patsy C.

Raleigh NC 

 I am a middle-aged man with a sedentary occupation and have been going to Carolina Chiropractic for several years.  I nave used physical therapy, drugs, and other doctors cannot help me.  Carolina Chiropractic has always been able to help me usually in just 1 or 2 visits.

David B.

Raleigh NC 

 Coming to Carolina Chiropractic was the best decision I made after my accident.  I saw other doctors, but the professionalism and expertise could not compare to Carolina Chiropractic.  My problem was diagnosed, I was treated, and was on the road to recovery.  They did a great job at breaking down the treatments and explaining x-rays so that a non-medical person could understand what was going on with me.  Thanks and I will returning for my "tune-ups".

Terry B.

Raleigh, NC 

 I had been having back and neck problems for many months.  My primary care physician gave me muscle relaxers and pain medication and a referral to Carolina Chiropractic.  I could not turn my head without severe neck pain.  After a few weeks of treatment, I finally received relief.  He listened to me and explained things to me, which no one else did.  I also saw a back specialist, but it was Carolina Chiropractic that got me through that horrible pain.  I do not take any pills for back pain anymore.  I strongly recommend chiropractic care with Carolina Chiropractic.  I can call without prior notice and they are so great to get me in.  The staff is truly professional and kind.  You feel like family at Carolina Chiropractic.

Sylvia B. 

 I am a 38 year old paralegal.  I went to Carolina Chiropractic following an auto accident.  Shortly after the accident, I began experiencing pain in my lower back and right foot.  I also had terrible sinus infections that affected my sleep.  Not a fan of meds, I immediately began researching an alternative.  I had never tried chiropractic medicine and was a bit intimidated.  Tried it and loved it. The doctors and staff are kind, gentle and understanding.  Very flexible appointment scheduling.  Never hesitated to squeeze me in on short notice.

--Jill S  -- 

Wake Forest NC 

 I am 27 years old and was involved in a car accident, which resulted in very bad pains in my lower back, headaches and neck pain.  I became very worried because I thought my dream to become an architect was over, but when I got to Carolina Chiropractic, with their good team and experience they changed this to a new direction, which made me very happy.  I went back and started doing the things I used to do before the accident and now I can still continue my dream to become an architect all because of Carolina Chiropractic and their team. Thanks!

Ebrima B.

Raleigh NC 

 I went to Carolina Chiropractic because of knee pain and a shooting pain down my let.  After just two adjustments the shooting pain was gone, the knee pain was about 60% better and other nagging pains are being relieved as well.  For three years I have not been able to ride or drive for more than 15 minutes without squirming.  This is wonderful to have such relief.

Linda Bellmann

Raleigh NC 

 I learned about Carolina Chiropractic after I had my accident.  It was so easy to contact the office and the staff was great.   I started getting adjustments and at first I was skeptical but after a few visits I realized this treatment method was working.  I stuck with it and now my back and neck are back to normal.

Renee Bullock


 When I started going to Carolina Chiropractic, I had been involved in a car accident where I was rear-ended.  I had neck and back pain and tingling in my legs.  I went to Carolina Chiropractic right after the accident.  After treatment I feel that I can perform a lot better since the accident.  I would recommend them to anyone.  They have a great staff.  Thanks a lot for all your help and advice!

Tirone Spivey

Garner NC 

 My name is Farah and I am 17 years old.  I got into a terrible accident with 3 other family members and the effects of the accident were pretty bad.  I had extremely bad headaches, and mid-back pain, and shoulder pain.  I started to go to Carolina Chiropractic.  At first my shoulder pain was so bad I couldn't move at all.  The first 3 weeks all the headaches were gone and my shoulder and back started to feel really good.  I'm very glad I came and it was a great experience.  Thank you! 

 I had massive neck pain, back and shoulder pain.  Chiropractic has really turned my nightmare pain to being pain which is totally less than 3/10 if not completely 0.  I could not turn my neck, move my shoulder or bend.  Severe headache was a daily experience.  I am gad I discovered your good care.  Keep it up as you save a lot of patients from long painful lives.  God bless you.

Patrick G.  --  Raleigh NC 

 I am a 54 year old warehouse worker who was involved in a car crash. My initial concerns were neck, upper and mid-back pain which I reluctantly fought with pain killers (skelaxin & hydrocodone).  I was not sleeping well and equally important was the impact on my religious and work life.  As a Muslim, I felt excruciating pain when performing my daily prayers.  Now I feel like trying out for the Olympics gymnastics team.  Finally, my sincere thanks to the very respectful & professional lady assistants.

Alkali Contea


 I am a 62 year old retired woman

Activities: dog walks, exercise, yard work

Pain:  very bad lower back from leg to ankle, hamstring, couldn't bend leg, ate Advil day and night, helped sometimes, ice helped sometimes, standing better than sitting.

Now I am much better.  Can walk and do most things.  Therapy/meds helped to get on the road to recovery.

L. Tuohey, Raleigh NC 

 I am a 21 year old mother that was involved in a car accident.  I was experiencing a very bad lower back pain especially because I was pregnant.  Then I decided to go to Carolina Chiropractic and it helped after a few treatments.  I started feeling better and now after 3 months of treatment I am as good as new, feeling no pain at all.

Rosa Aviles

Durham NC 

 My name is Wendy.  I was in a car wreck and I was having back pain and neck pain.  I went to Carolina Chiropractic and they were so nice and they do care about you.  I got therapy and he worked on my back and neck until I felt better.  Now I am back to myself feeling good and I'm happy with no pain.  Thank you Carolina Chiropractic, you're the best!

--Wendy Spevack

Wake Forest NC  

 "My chiropractors gave me back my life.  I was involved in several serious accidents involving my hips, back and neck.  I was in constant pain.  I couldn't turn my head or walk up the stairs.  I gained weight because I couldn't exercise.  I became a heart attack waiting to happen.  I saw so many specialists who insisted on surgeries.   Finally, I decided to see a chiropractor.  Honestly, I had always been skeptical.   I didn't know what to expect, but they got me more comfortable.  Soon, I could turn my head.  I could walk up the stairs.  I'm exercising.  I'm not in constant pain.  I'm a person again.  My chiropractors are angels.  It's an unfortunate situation that the insurance companies don't recognize that chiropractors are saving them money." -- Pharmaceutical Executive

Dear Neighbors & Friends:

Recently, I was in a rear-end collision.  Within days, my mailbox overflowed with ads from law offices and doctors that all made it to the trash, because I did not think that I was injured.  One ad for Carolina Chiropractic caught my attention and fortunately, I saved it.  When pain in my back and right foot unexpectedly surfaced about 2 weeks after the accident, I called them.  Never been treated by a chiropractic physician and honestly, I was petrified and skeptical.

I have been treated by Carolina Chiropractic for several weeks now, and I am totally amazed.  They are so caring, kind and gentle.  Not only has the pain in my back subsided and foot pain gone, but overall, I feel better, happier... restful sleep, clear sinuses, improved gait.   I never realized how spinal injuries affect your nervous system which impacts your health in general.  Crazy!

Love that we can share info with each other through our group and hope this helps someone that may be ignoring back pain or unexplained ailments, as I almost did.  Good referrals have been so useful to me living here only a short time, so I wanted to pass this along.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Jill S.

Hi Everyone,
I know before I had my hammer-toe surgery I promised you guys I'd send a chiropractic story, and I'm finally getting around to it.  Sorry it took me so long!  When I came to Carolina Chiropractic, I was training for my 4th marathon, which would be in Prague, Czech Republic.  I've always thought I had taken very good care my self and had above average health.  I've always done some type of physical exercise, whether it be running, or going to the gym, and I've always tried to eat well.  I also have a very physical job, standing at a ticket counter at the airport all day, so I feel I get a continuous work-out on the job.  Through out my life though, I've always had some kinks in my back and neck here and there, and would usually shrug them off.  I would disregard them thinking I "slept wrong",  or mishandled a heavy bag at work.  I had also been told very young I had scoliosis,  but it wasn't severe enough to require treatment of to really pay much attention to. 
One day, I took a short run before going to work, and felt a sharp ping in my lower left back.  I tried to tough it out, and just go to work and after about an hour at work, I could not lift anything, I could not bend forward, and I needed help lifting myself out of a chair.  It was such a very scary feeling.  I could not pinpoint a specific activity I had done, and in one day, I felt like I had aged 30 years.  I found Dr. Gottlieb the next day and after his examination,  he determined I had a herniated disc.  We began a series of adjustments, and he also reccommended glucosamine and MSM supplements.  From the start of my treatments, it seems I just improved in leaps and bounds.  When I went into that office, walking very gingerly like a little old lady, I could not have imagined ever being completely healthy again, let alone maintain my active life style.  Two months later I did complete the Prague marathon and I completely owe that opportunity to Dr. Gottlieb.
I had been advised to keep coming for "tune-ups", to stay on track.  I did, but then eventually took my health for granted.  I started having alot of pain in my neck and shoulder and down my arm.  I could not sleep, when I did, I'd wake up with sharp pain in my arm. I had been remiss about my appointments, and had run out of glucosamine and MSM, and my health started to go down hill again.  I went back to Dr. Gottlieb to have him do his magic.  I had the same fears as before that something was severely wrong, that perhaps was not a chriropractic issue.  I got back on the supplements and followed the doctor's orders, doing some home traction and continue with regular adjustments.   This time I was training for the Miami Marathon.  Again, a couple months prior to this race, I felt I was pretty lucky if I could simply get a good nights sleep and not be in pain, but after going back to Dr. Gottlieb regularly,  I was able to train and finish my race.
At age 47, I do not even want to think of what kind of physical condition I would be in if  I was not lucky enough to have Carolina Chiropractic so available to me in my backyard.  I feel very blessed to have Dr. Gottlieb and  his staff in my life.
Judy Kostka

As a family, we believe in the benefits of chiropractic care. All of us, including our teenage daughter, have benefited from Dr. Gottlieb's care. Unfortunately all three of us have been in varying degrees of automobile accidents, but we found the time needed to recover from our accident-related injuries were sped up greatly through the care we received from Dr. Gottlieb.

Joe suffered for over twenty years with lower back stiffness and numbness caused by a violent rear end collision (while sitting in his parked car another car traveling at least fifteen miles per hour over the speed limit struck the back end of his car). No physical therapy, exercises or medications reduced or eliminated the discomfort felt. However, after only two months of chiropractic care, both the stiffness and numbness were eliminated. Occasionally, a temporary discomfort will occur after strenuous physical labor in the yard, garden or at work-however, after a visit to Dr. Gottlieb for an adjustment and treatment session the discomfort is eliminated again. Joe cannot believe he suffered for some many years and had resigned to a prognosis of a lifelong "learn to live with it" lower back discomfort. Thank goodness he finally decided to listen to his wife and go to the chiropractor for an examination. She was relentless on getting Joe to go for his first chiropractic visit. Now he's extremely elated he listened to her and is thankful to Dr. Gottlieb for the years of excellent adjustments, treatments, and exercise suggestions to strengthen his back.

Chiropractic care has helped Deb find relief when she was pregnant with Jessica, helped reduce stress and tension held in her neck as a result of a high-stress corporate job, and regained a previous maintenance level which was disrupted about two years ago do to whiplash injuries sustained in an automobile accident.  She too thanks Dr. Gottlieb for his excellent chiropractic care.

Jessica recovered quickly after sustaining whiplash during an automobile accident. After a short period of treatments, she was back to "normal" and now sees Dr. Gottlieb occasionally for a maintenance checkup and adjustment.She is grateful to Dr. Gottlieb for helping her recover from the whiplash, and also for assisting with a sped up recovery from a sprained ankle sustained from a fall at school.  She is a firm believer in chiropractic care and does not hesitate to tell other children and teenagers about Dr. Gottlieb.

Thanks Dr. Gottlieb for all you have done for our family.


Joe, Deb, and Jessica Morek, Wake Forest

I am a young female that enjoys an active lifestyle. Unfortunately due to my job, which requires me to sit in front of a computer all day, I have started to suffer from back & neck pain. Occasionally I need some muscular/spinal relief. Carolina Chiropractic of Raleigh had the right therapy in place for people with my problem and it has helped me alleviate the back & neck pain related to my work environment. This therapy not only has allowed me to continue my active life style it has helped me recover my sleep. It has been a rewarding experience for me to be a patient in the care of the office of Dr. Marc S. Gottlieb at Carolina Chiropractic of Raleigh


Maria Fosnock

The Spicer Family

I am 33 and have been using chiropractic care since 1997. We were first introduced to chiropractic medicine in 1993 when I was quite skeptical and to be honest thought it to be a gimmick. Then in 1996 my husband awoke in severe pain unable to get up off the floor. Remembering his father's experience with back pain, he wanted to try another route. So we looked through the yellow pages and off we went for his first chiropractic adjustment. It was a success, I gave it a try, and still being skeptical we did not continue to go.

Then in 1997 pregnant with child #2, I had a kink and it hurt. Sometimes trying to stand or roll over while laying down would be very painful and time consuming. This time my OB referred me to Dr. Gottlieb. After going to be adjusted this time and receiving so much relief, I looked forward to going again.

Now six years later, we are blessed to have Carolina Chiropractic in our lives. We are thankful to God for Dr. Gottlieb, his family and staff. They are wonderful, helpful, courteous, kind, compassionate and so much more. We appreciate them so much, I can't even tell you how many times I would have to change an appointment and they would re-schedule, no questions asked. So many times I would need an appointment for one in our family or even all of us and they would work us in the same day I called. Dr. Gottlieb genuinely cares about people and helping them feel great. He and his staff really stand out in the medical and chiropractic field. He has helped us so much more than just adjusting our bodies. He has been very patient with my many questions and concerns. Our family has received many benefits: better health, stronger immune systems, better nights rest (both from being adjusted ourselves and having our children adjusted that had an ear infection, knowledge on vitamins and treating a condition at home and oh yes- the roller table (one of my personal favorites!)

I have never in six years of going to Carolina Chiropractic felt rushed or like Dr. Gottlieb did not have enough time for my questions or us.

Our insurance has changed several times and we no longer have the coverage we once had. We miss it!  I have made the comment to my husband, "why don't we just ask your company to drop our medical coverage and just cover our chiropractic care."

-Sarah Spicer

I am a manager at an auto repair shop. I deal on the day to day with physical and mental strain. I consider myself very active outside of work with many activities, including golf, being a Dad to four children, riding ATV's, and not knowing when to sit down. Throughout my life I had played football for several years, which has taken a toll on my body. I had dealt day to day with severe neck and back pains. I have never liked doctors and hospitals, so I have lived with pain until my wife told me about Dr. Gottlieb and Carolina Chiropractic. I was skeptical at first until he made me a true believer in chiropractic medicine. I owe many, many thanks to Dr. Gottlieb and his staff, to a healthier life for my family and myself.

P.S. My entire family is treated by Dr. Gottlieb, including my 11-month-old son. Dr. Gottlieb is our family Doctor.

-Dale Spicer

Hi, my name is Joshua Spicer. I am a normal roughhousing, sports playing, like to wrestle with my brother 8-year old who loves to play and get dirty.

I did not start going to the chiropractor until about 4 years ago when my Dad and Mom discovered chiropractic medicine works for way more than just back and neck pains. I go to Dr. Gottlieb if I happen to get sick, and we go on a regular basis to prevent from getting sick. I think my body says thank you each time we go! I like getting adjusted; it is way better than shots!

Hi, I am Tucker Spicer. While my mommy was pregnant with me, she was treated by chiropractic adjustments. One day she ran into a lady who worked at the OB that my mommy goes to. They were both at Dr. Gottlieb's and the lady had her son with her (a young boy under 2 years old) and he was being treated for ear infections. Mommy now knows adjustments are helping her with hip and back pain, but also ear infections for such a little guy. Mommy is sort of open to the idea, but was too afraid it might hurt such a small child. Chiropractic for kids, ear infections, and sickness, now she is thinking… "No-way." So then, here I am from birth to 2-3 years old. I have several ear infections and mommy goes with the traditional medicine way. All I can say is all the pain I did not have to have if she just would have given chiropractic a try. Anyways, here I am 5 years old, almost 6 and I get adjusted regularly, see my sister Cheyenne's story to find out what made the difference.

Dr. Gottlieb's office is cool; they share toys, help me feel better and I get to look at toy fire trucks!!!

Hi, I am Cheyenne Spicer. As you read before my brother Tucker had many ear infections, and each time Mommy treated him with antibiotics. This time Mommy decided with child #3 that she is going to try something new.

When I had my first ear infection, off to Dr. Gottlieb's we went. Was Mommy scared? YES!  I mean the whole adjustment thing looked a little weird, and what if they broke my neck? So she prayed and believed that she was doing the right thing.

Needless to say my adjustment was a huge success. To this day I have never been on antibiotics not for my ears or anything else. We go to get adjusted regularly to help us stay healthy and keep our bodies lined up. (By the way, Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are really nice!)

Hello, I am Joseph Spicer. I am now 11 months old. I have been to see Dr. Gottlieb 3 times. The first time was when I was 2 and ½ months old, then when I was 8 months, and the third time when I was 10 months.

The third time I went I had an ear infection. Did you know that Dr. Gottlieb could tell if you have an ear infection? (He is very smart!) You know when babies and kids have earaches we can pretty much be miserable and don't sleep well. Mommy says that after my adjustment I was a completely different baby. I fell asleep right away and slept peacefully all the way home. (We live approximately 25 miles out of Raleigh.)

I am the youngest in our family to be adjusted. Mommy was a little nervous at first but Dr. Gottlieb shared how he adjusted his own child at just a few minutes old. Mommy is amazed at the benefits of chiropractic care can help detect early problems in children and prevent abnormalities that might hinder them from a healthy, active life.

I like being adjusted it doesn't hurt and I don't cry.

It was June of 1997, and I was dreaming of sand, surf, coral reefs, tropical fish, and stingrays. In less than twoweeks I would be in Grand Cayman, making good use of my brand new Open Water Scuba Diver certification.  But first I had to pass my checkout dives to obtain my certification.   It was Monday, and I had done something mysterious to my pinch a nerve in my neck so badly that I couldn't hold my head up straight! It kept getting worse over the course of the day until I was really in pain. I had to do something-my checkout dives were on Saturday and I was leaving for the Caymans on Sunday…and it was too late to cancel the trip.   I started looking in the phone book for the closest chiropractor to work office. I had never been to one before and really didn't know what to expect, but what did I have to lose?  The first place I called couldn't take me until the following morning, so I kept calling.   The second place I called told me to come right away, and that is how I met Dr. Marc Gottlieb.  With some aggressive treatment that week, my neck straightened out, I passed my dives with flying colors, and experienced a diving vacation that I have not yet been able to surpass!  After my initial "emergency," I have learned how Chiropractic can help in many areas of health and am faithful to my maintenance regimen. I can honestly say that I actually look forward to my visits!

Wendy C.

Chiropractic Story Of Daniel Knudsen

As early as age 12,I can remember feeling that something just wasn't right with my neck. My mother remembers me "krinking" my neck, but at the time never thought anything of it. As we both know now, I had a subluxation, even then. So I went on with my life, always in discomfort, never sure why.

Around age 25,now with a family, I attended a meeting of the Daytona Beach Jaycee's. The guest speaker was a local Doctor of Chiropractic. He spoke about having pain in the neck, shoulders and back and what he could do to help. It seemed he was speaking directly to me. Addressing my symptoms. I went to see him the next week. I began with treatments three times a week for nearly two months, and did feel some benefit. Unfortunately, the cost was too much at the time and I had to stop. You have misplaced priorities when you have children.

I am now 45, and have received benefit as a patient of Dr. Gottlieb's for nearly two years. Not only do we have a handle on my cervical subluxation, I am doing well, recovering from a very nasty back injury. I missed a step carrying a heavy load and really tweaked it. Thanks to Dr. Gottlieb, I have more neck mobility than I've had for years and can continue working and playing my music. Both of which entail their share of lifting and hauling. With proper lifting techniques and continued support and adjustments from Dr. Gottlieb, I know the rest of my life won't be spent in pain and discomfort. Now that's a sobering thought.

Daniel Knudsen

Maintenance Technician, Bassist for Full Throttle

I am a 70 year old female. When I came to see Dr. Gottlieb I had extreme stiffness in my back. I had osteoarthritis in my right hip joint and was in much pain when I walked. There were times when I had to sit down rather than walk. I had a long time strained muscle in my right leg extending to my right hip. Dr. Gottlieb x-rayed these areas. He examined me physically and found one hip or leg shorter than the other. He gave me a series of vitamins to suit my specific needs. He then gave me a series of manipulations. Starting from day one I began to feel better. I am now able to resume all the activities I have always enjoyed. I thank God for the circumstances that let me find Dr. Gottlieb. He is very sensitive to your needs and goes beyond the call of duty to help you with your situation. I will always be grateful to him for having my life back.

J. Howard

Kinston, NC

My name is Teri Morris, and until recently, I had suffered from back pain for nearly 16 years. I have been under Dr. Gottlieb's care for only a couple months but feel like my story may help someone else.  My story began in 1987 on an icy day at my children's school. I've spent my adult life as a child care provider and on this particular day was helping a young girl from my group to my car after early dismissal. Because of the excessive ice and snow, it was hard to get back to the parking lot. Some of the mothers around me thought it would be easier if our kids climbed over this short wooden fence to avoid all the ice on the ground. I intended to just help one of my younger girls across by taking her hand but she misunderstood and actually jumped into my arms. To make a long story short, this small action ruptured two discs at L4 and L5 in my back. The pain was immediately so intense I thought I would pass out or maybe die. I had no idea about the long lasting effects of what had just happened.

This incident on Valentine's Day 1987 changed my life forever. After a month or so of incorrect diagnoses, I ended up having emergency surgery on Easter. My back and leg were never the same. I was told by several physical therapists that the surgery had produced the intended results and that there were really no other treatments. I was in pain on a daily basis and resigned myself that this pain was something I just had to get used to. I suffered for many years, most of the time silently. My family knew but no one else really did. My pain wasn't something I openly shared since there was no hope for a full recovery. I simply resigned myself to the pain.

Now I am in my mid forties, and until recently, had continued to suffer. My entire life I had drug my pain around like a dead weight but had somewhat grown accustomed to it. After years of painful physical therapy and treatments that hurt more than they helped, the thought of letting someone else treat me terrified me. What if this doctor made the pain even worse? I started keeping Dr. Gottlieb's son in 1999 and that led to my own children seeing him. But still I would not go. I even encouraged many of my friends to see Dr. Gottlieb and they too enjoyed a better quality of life as a result. They would come back from visits and encourage me but I could not push the fear aside.

Eventually, after seeing all the wonderful things he had done for my children and friends, I decided to make that call to his office. My daughter had gotten married the previous week. I was in so much pain from my back and neck during her wedding that it was hard for me to even enjoy and take in the moment. After a couple of months of treatment, I now have no back pain…even with caring for small children all day! My entire body is different. My circulation, in my legs especially, has drastically improved and chronic ear and sinus infections are a thing of the past!

Admittedly I don't drive well in the dark so I rush over after my last child leaves and they get me back on my way home before sun set. This is our joke there but Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are so sensitive to their patients' needs. In fact, this Saturday I twisted wrong and was "down with my back" as I have referred to it all these years. The pain this time seemed as intense as the day I ruptured those discs. I could barely move. For a moment I panicked and all that was running through my mind was that I had just gotten my life back. I couldn't withstand another surgery or the hospital. My mother was with me so we drove over to the office hoping to see Dr. Gottlieb's red truck but it wasn't there. After a few moments of near hysterics, I calmed down and called the after hours number. I was so relieved when Valerie said she'd send Dr. Gottlieb in. When he arrived to meet me, I could barely get out of the car to go in the office. Dr. Gottlieb "worked his magic" through adjustment and therapy and I walked out of the office a brand new woman! A few more follow up visits for this flare up and I am feeling better than ever.

I hope my story will encourage someone else who currently suffers with daily chronic pain. My story is a testament to the miracle of chiropractic therapy and all the help and rehabilitation Dr. Gottlieb can offer his patients…if they are willing to let him help them. Dr. Gottlieb and his staff have been so good to me. They are all so down to earth yet very professional.  I am sure Dr. Gottlieb's practice will continue to grow but the atmosphere and his commitment to personal care will never change.

Teri Morris

I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in Novemeber of 1997. My primary doctor treated my with the standard medications. Yet the pain did not go away. On December 29, 1997 I decided to go to the doctors office unannounced to be seen. As I traveled Falls of Neuse Road to work the stop light at Falls Village turned red. When I stopped I was directly in front of the drive to Carolina Chiropractic. I had never seen a chiropractor, in fact I had always been a little skeptical of them. Yet the plan was so intense I thought maybe I would just go in and ask if there was anything he could do for me. Dr. Gottlieb was so wonderful, he had me retrieve my x-rays from the doctor and began working on my neck and shoulder. I had some relief the first treatment with full recovery in just a few weeks. I continue to have monthly maintenance adjustments this has resulted in an added bonus, the sick headaches that I suffered with for years have vanished. I was so impressed with what Dr. Gottlieb did for me I encouraged my husband to become a patient, but that's his story. My father and mother have also become patient's but that's still another story. I thank the Lord for having my car stop at the red light at Falls Village that morning 6 years ago.

Sandra Ray

I have been going to a chiropractor since 1983 when my arm and leg started to go numb. Doctors had prescribed muscle relaxers but the problem persisted. I then decided to find a chiropractor and just after 6 visits the numbness went away. Needless to say, I became a believer in the chiropractic profession. One year ago I moved to North Carolina. I was fortunate to find Dr. Gottlieb, a chiropractor who not only adjusts but does extensive research in the chemical effects of prescribed as well as over the counter medications. Approximately one month ago I was having a sinus problem. Dr. Gottlieb suggested I buy glyco-thymoline, which is used primarily as a mouthwash. He told me to moisten a washcloth with both water and pour the glyco-thymoline into it and literally cover your face and breathe in, keeping the wash cloth moist and as hot as you can stand it. With the first application my sinuses cleared and I was able to breathe and sleep soundly again. A simple application with great results.

Mary Bordwell

I was referred to Dr. Gottlieb by my father. I am one of those "weekend warriors" that he refers to in his letters. I spend a great deal of time working at the computer into the wee hours of the morning and am a children's entertainer by day.   I had been in a traffic accident and needed care when I first came to see Dr. Gottlieb but after x-rays, he showed me what I already knew - that I had a more serious problem. I had inherited my family trait of arthritis in my neck and middle back and for someone in their early 30's it was a sobering experience. What I didn't know was how to gauge my pain as I had been in pain for so many years. Dr. Gottlieb began to work with me and I learned to tell what a good day was and a bad day. I realized that I really DID have a pain threshold and that suffering was not necessary.  However, I thought that once I felt better, I wouldn't have to go back but my body began to convince me otherwise. Like any exercise program or diet, once you make the change to better yourself, you cannot go back to your old habits and expect to keep up the improvement. I have returned to Dr. Gottlieb to get the spring back in my muscles. No, I am not 18 anymore but I want to maintain my good health for as long as I can. He shares the same goal. It is good to have someone to help motivate you and as long as Dr. Gottlieb continues to tease me about my overworking and foolish antics, I will keep coming back to feel better.

Mary Baldwin

Molly Anne's Clown House

Raleigh, NC

John's story from his daughter,
John Thaxton had been an active man all of his life and was never one to admit he was in pain - one of those "if you can walk on it, it ain't broke" sort of men. He had broken his back in his early forties, not to mention numerous broken ribs, sprains and arthritis. His stubbornness was unbelievable and quite a source of frustration for the rest of the family. But in his late fifties, his earlier lifestyle began to catch up with him. He water skied, ran, worked out at the gym and loved to work in the yard or on his boat but soon his pains became unbearable. He gained weight and, for the first time, you could see him flinch when he moved.  He began coming to Dr. Gottlieb when he first began practicing in Raleigh. Within a matter of weeks he began feeling much, much better. He was always one to try the more holistic approach to healing if he could and Dr. Gottlieb offered him more than just the usual physician's care. He gave him practical suggestions on how to improve his life, diet, exercise and focus on his own health. John even took Dr. Gottlieb out on the boat to ski to celebrate. I understand that the good doctor was a bit out if his element but he had a wonderful time.I am certain that their efforts together made John's life much better toward the last years of his life.   I have often thought it was Dr. Gottlieb's direction to listen to your body that helped my father realize he was sick. Their friendship continued until my father's death in 1996 at the age of 65. Dr. Gottlieb had given him a wonderful second chance to enjoy his life and his family. Dad water skied until three months before he passed away and to those of us who loved him, it was a wonderful memory. Thank you, Dr. G for your great care and support.

Peace & laughter,

Mary Baldwin

Mr. Thaxton came to me (Dr. Gottlieb) for care and one of the questions that I like to ask patients is: what is your current health problem preventing you from doing that you really enjoy?  John answered, "if you can get me back to a condition that I can water ski again, I'll take you and your wife out on my boat."  I said, "you're on."  Within a few weeks, he made good on his promise.  He did more tricks on ski and on a round disk than I thought were humanly possible. (including, standing on the armrests of a lawn chair, that was resting on a wooden disk, that was being pulled behind the boat!!!)  Unfortunately, we discovered some health problems that didn't relate to his neck, back and shoulder pain, and when we sent him to his medical doctor for further evaluation, he was told he had inoperable stomach cancer.  I know chiropractic care improved the quality of his life, and knowing John improved mine as well. What a wonderful person to have known.

I used to be one of those people who didn't believe in chiropractic care, but I was having a problem for which I received no relief from regular medical treatment. I had visited my regular physician a number of times because of pain in my shoulder extending all the way down my right arm. I work as an executive assistant, and it was difficult to accomplish my daily duties. After several different treatments were suggested and tried with no relief from the pain, I was told there was no more that could be done for me and that I should try an orthopedist or a chiropractor. That's when I decided to try a chiropractor. I actually looked in the yellow pages to locate one near my home. I realize now that that was a risky way to search for chiropractic care, but I lucked out when I began receiving treatment from Dr. Gottlieb. An extensive evaluation pinpointed my problem - some areas of cervical degeneration. There was no quick fix; however, after following a carefully planned course of treatment, improvement finally came and the pain was gone!I I now continue in a maintenance program for that condition.  Recently, I experienced a shoulder joint problem causing me extreme pain and seriously limiting the mobility in my right arm. The condition came on rather suddenly, and I was at a loss to try to figure out what to do about it, and then I thought, maybe Dr. Gottlieb can help!I don't know why I didn't immediately think about that, but I was so use to thinking about chiropractic treatment in terms of my cervical spine problem. With one visit and one treatment, the pain was gone the next morning. Seeking treatment early prevented the problem from requiring months of treatment.  Suffice it to say that I have gone from being a chiropractic care non-believer to a disciple and recommend Dr. Gottlieb without hesitation!

S. Thompson

Raleigh, NC

Sophia knows kids need chiropractic care too!  Only she didn't know how to ask for it at age 2, so it was up to her mother to find Dr. Gottlieb. Ever since getting chiropractic adjustments, she has been healthier and happier. She doesn't understand why or how it works, but her mother now knows the nervous system controls the immune system and chiropractic care helps the nervous system. As she says, the results speak louder than words.

"Oh boy, you're in trouble now"…winter time and your pre-schooler goes to day care…surely she will catch everything that goes around and surely you will miss work.  Yes, that was my experience for the first two years of my daughter's life.  Every time one of the children at pre-school got sick, Sophia would catch it.  She would keep her colds for extended periods of time and suffered so much with coughing.  She (and we) would go many nights in a row with little to no sleep because of her hacking cough and inability to breathe normally.  Sophia tended to get ear infections as well. 

Well, I noticed that there was one little boy named Dylan at Sophia's day care that didn't catch the colds, didn't miss time from school, didn't feel yucky all winter long…I thought he must take some super vitamins or something…So I asked his mother.  Well, she said, vitamins are a part of his routine but eating well and getting enough sleep follow closely behind.  I thought…I can do those things for Sophia…they all sound easy enough…But Dylan's mom went on to explain the major role Dylan's chiropractic care played in his good health…It turned out that Sophia was in pre-school with Dr. Gottlieb's son, Dylan. 

I made an appointment for myself first to meet Dr. Gottlieb to understand what he does and why.  I was impressed with his credentials and his contribution to research and published articles.  I learned so much not only about chiropractic care, but about good nutrition, fitness, and dietary supplements.  Within a week, I had the first appointment for my 2 year old daughter, Sophia.  Dr. Gottlieb did a thorough exam of Sophia - he was gentle and kind - Sophia and I trusted him.  He explained to me how she could benefit from the adjustments, simply put, by helping her ear tubes "drain better".  Well, I put my trust in Dr. Marc (as Sophia calls him) and watched as he did his work.  Sophia was scared and didn't understand the work being done.  She had to go a couple of times a week to start, then bi-weekly, now monthly.  Admittedly, she cried for the first few visits but now she jumps up on the table anxious for Dr. Marc to work wonders with his hands…She has fallen head over heels for "her" Dr. Marc.

Over the course of the past twelve months, Sophia has not had one ear infection.  Sophia has not suffered from any coughing spells.  Sophia has not had difficulty in breathing.  She is still exposed to the same coughs and colds at pre-school and she still will get the beginnings of a cold.  But once she is "adjusted" the mucus drains and she's on her way back to normal.  Dr. Marc's preventative care has worked beautifully for Sophia!  She has hardly missed any school in almost a year!

We also found an unexpected benefit from Dr. Marc's adjustments of Sophia.  Sophia spent an entire day with her Grandmother and was quite tired and out of sorts when we went for our appointment.  She was crying and quite ornery.  I don't fully understand how this part works, but Dr. Marc's adjustment on her was a catalyst in returning Sophia back to a normal level of calm - she was soothed and relaxed in a matter of minutes.

Thank you, Dr. Marc for helping me keep my precious little girl so healthy!"


When I was in the army in Japan I dislocated my shoulder severely. The people at the dispensary taped my upper arm to my body and told me to take it easy for a while. Fifty years later I realized I was waking up with a numbness in my left arm and hand. This was in addition to the constant dull shoulder ache I'd long since gotten used to.

One day at an informal meeting, somebody saw me working my shoulder and wincing. This woman's husband had apparently been doing the same thing, so she recognized the symptoms. In addition, he'd been getting some treatments which seemed to help. I asked for a reference.

The chiropractor I called as a result offered only a program that included nutrition and adjustments in a fairly long and expensive package. I asked if he could refer me to someone who would take things one step at a time, and he enthusiastically recommended Dr. Marc Gottlieb.

The results of the examination and Xrays were very thoroughly explained by Dr. Gottlieb. I learned that the old shoulder injury had never properly healed, and that some bones in my shoulder/clavicle
area seemed to be fused rather than freely moving. In addition, some bone spurs had conspired with this condition to pinch the nerves leading to my arm and hand. As a matter of fact, Dr. Gottlieb was able to tell which nerves were affected merely by learning from me which fingers were numb.

I also learned from the exam that I walk in such a way that after time one of my legs develops a different relation to the hip than the other. This actually means one leg is "longer" and causes the back muscles to work overtime to try to adjust my stance and gait. This, I discovered, was a main cause of the lower back pain I'd assumed just comes along with being 72 years old.

Dr. Gottlieb proceeded to treat the shoulder/clavicle area with a device that provides electrical stimulation. This, together with several adjustments over a few weeks, helped to relieve the pain and numbness. A proper pillow was also useful in this regard. The leg/hip difficulty responded to regular adjustments and mechanical therapy. I now go back every four weeks, which is just about the right interval to keep the lower back happy.

Dr. Gottlieb has recommended a number of exercises that have helped, and he now has me trained to balance on one foot with my eyes closed to improve muscle and nerve response. I recently described this to an exercise therapist who suggested I now try this while standing on a pillow. Not yet.

My discussions with Dr. Gottlieb have also covered nutritional help for stomach and lung conditions, as well as some of the medical and surgical procedures I've experienced in the last couple of years. I consider Dr. Gottlieb to be one of my two principal health care advisors, and I continue to find his knowledge and advice to have outstanding breadth as well as depth. I think all of his patients are the beneficiaries of his inquiring mind and his eagerness to impart information, as well as of his chiropractic skill. I know I am.

David Thomas
You have my permission to publish this information.


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